Saturday, September 7, 2019

Why the butterfly

Change. It's scary. Terrifying, really. It shakes me to my core and is oh so hard. But it's also wonderful. Change can take something and make it beautiful. A storm into a rainbow, summer leaves into beautiful fall colors, caterpillars into butterflies. 

Change can bring hope. It can make someone feel empowered and hopeful. Yes, it may also come with sadness and difficulty, but if you really think about why the change is happening, there is almost always a light there, too. It may be dim, it may seem far away, but it's there and the harder you fight the brighter it will become. 

I've gone through so much change in my life. Some things that I've made very public, others that I've kept personal. But through it all, I've leaned on God and kept the image of a butterfly in my mind. I have it tattooed on my ankle with a semicolon body. It's my constant reminder that the continuing the fight will always result in seeing beauty, if only for a moment. 

As my life circumstances change and my journey shifts, I continue to be strong and focus on the beauty of change. I'm terrified. But every day I put on my armor of God and I fight. I remind myself of all I've been through and remember that I am a warrior. 

There are so many good things happening right now. My path is becoming clearer. I'm taking the road less traveled and it is stunning. I encourage you to face your hard times head on and find the beauty in the storm. Embrace the change and find the transformation that will take place at the end of this small path that is just a curve in your long road. Yes, change is a wild ride of emotion and pain and sadness. But find the light. Find the joy. And remember, at the end of it all, your butterfly will emerge. 

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